Vegetable Couscous

Vegetable Couscous - Takeaway

Vegetable Couscous

Moroccan restaurant in Paris - take away and delivery

The Vegetable Couscous is served with a broth rich in market vegetables (zucchini, turnip, carrot, celery and white cabbage) simmered for a long time by our chef and gently spiced.

It is accompanied by a finely sweetened onion compote with cinnamon, chickpeas and harissa.

€14.45 €17.00 -15%

Conseils d'accompagnement

The Vegetable Couscous to take away or delivered to your home is delivered to you lukewarm in its packaging. You can heat it in a cooking pot oven or in the microwave.

You can accompany it with a gray or red wine from Morocco, or a mint tea.

Ingrédients et caractéristiques


Zucchini, turnip, carrot, celery and white cabbage, spices and semolina.

Origine viande
France or European Union
Durée de conservation

Individual trays that can be reheated in the microwave.